Adult Burial Vault Booklet

2023 Products - Intro

Intro / Front Cover

Intro / Overview

Intro / Table of Contents


From John Maxwell

Section 1 - The Atlas II

Atlas II Title

Atlas II Intro

Atlas II Vaults

Black and White

Atlas II features P1

The Outside

Atlas II Features P2


Atlas II Features P3

Lid Structure

Atlas II Features P4


Atlas II Quote

By Frank Zappa

Section 2 - The Hercules

Hercules Title

Hercules Intro

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Hercules Vaults

Black and Whites

Hercules Features P1

The Outsides

Hercules Features P2


Hercules Cemetery Setup

Showing Personalization

Hercules Quote

From Walt Disney

Section 3 - The Maximus

Maximus Title

Maximus Intro

Maximus Vault


Maximus Features P1

The Outside

Maximus Features P2

Interior Structure

Maximus Features P3

Outside Structure

Maximus Features P4

Inside Structure

Maximus Features P5


Maximus Features P6

"Foldability" for Shipping and Storage

Maximus Features P7

Lid and Panel Features

Maximus Strength Testing

Maximus Cemetery Setup

Maximus Personalization

Maximus Quote

by Sukant Raknakar

Section 4 - The Maximus Double Pre-Burial Vault

Maximus Double Pre-Burial Title

Maximus Double Pre-Burial Intro

Maximus Double Pre-Burial Vault


Maximus Double Pre-Burial Features P1

The Outside

Maximus Double Pre-Burial Features P2

Exploded View

Maximus Double Pre-Burial Features P3


Maximus Double Pre-Burial Features P4

Maximus Double Pre-Burial Features P5

Maximus Double Pre-Burial Features P6

Maximus Double Pre-Burial Quote

by Robert Kyosaki

Section 5 - The Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault

Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault Title

Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault Intro

Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault


Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault Features P1

Top Cutaway

Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault Features P2

Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault Features P3

Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault Features P4

Maximus Single Pre-Burial Vault Quote

by Narendra Modi

Section 6 - The Triton Burial Vault

The Triton Burial Vault Title

The Triton Burial Vault Intro

The Triton Burial Vault


The Triton Features P1

The Outside

The Triton Features P2

The Inside Structure

The Triton Quote

From Martin Luther King, Jr.

Section 7 - The Vantage Standard Burial Vault

The Vantage Standard Title

The Vantage Standard Intro

The Vantage Standard Vault

In Black

The Vantage Standard Features P1

The Outside

The Vantage Standard Features P2

The Inside

The Vantage Standard Quote

by Thomas Edison

Section 8 - The Oversized Burial Vault

The Oversized Vault Title

The Oversized Vault Intro

The Oversized Vault

In Grey

The Oversized Vault Features P1

Exploded View

The Oversized Vault Features P2

The Oversized Vault Features P3

The Outside

The Oversized Vault Features P4


The Oversized Vault Quote

by Steve Jobs

Section 9 - The Oversized XL Burial Vault

The Oversized XL Title

The Oversized XL Intro

The Oversized XL Vault


The Oversized XL Features P1

The Outside

The Oversized XL Features P2

Showing Re-Bar

The Oversized XL Features P3


The Oversized XL Features P4

The Oversized XL Quote

by John F. Kennedy

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